Amharic Grammar Explained

Yistilign .Let him give for me.
Usage : Tena Yistilign ( Greetings )

Yisten.Let him give us.

Usage : Tena Yisten (Greetings/Blessing/Let's be healthy)
Remeber : Tena is Health .We want to show that we're paying attention to the individual's health when we're greeting them.

Sime jon new. My name is John.
Usage :
Abate isu Naew . He is my dad .
Enate isua Nat .She is my Mom .
Mekinaye yaw . There is my car ( Mekina - Car ) .

Amharic Pronouncation Drills for C Series Tutorials

Tutorial Notes :
Pronounce Che as Cheast in American English .

Chebbete : He grasped 

Mechebet : To Grasp 

Lache : He shaved 

Chane : He loaded 

Feche : He ground 

Chelete : He emptied

Achawete : He kept companyalso means "He Pressed Play button on Entertainmet device."

Chaw : Salt

Maches : To smoke

Cheffere : He danced ( Usually for a very Energy Driven Dances) 

Mechawechiya : playground ( game room )

Chekene : He became cruel

Tacche : He became engaged  

Chewata : Play

Ches : Smoke 

Achir : Short 

Milach : Razor 

Wich : Outside

Wechi :Expenses

TeChhi : Drunkard 

NeCh : White 

KoraCh : One who cuts

Amharic Pronouncation Drills for L Series Sounds Tutorial

lemma : a particular ethiopian guy name (proper name)
malqes : to weep
libs : clothing
aIe : he said
lij : child
lemin : why
alebbese : he dressed (someone)
melbes : to dress
Kal : word
Mansat : to pick up
Qil : foolish
Amharic Pronouncation Drills for R Series
ras : head, chief
mequret : cut into pieces
roma : Rome
rat : dinner
irsas : pencil
ruq : far
Mikir : advice
regga : it coagulated
Mesmer : line
aratt : four
wenibar : chair
memokker : to try!
irsu : he
menor : to live
birr : dollar
arrere : burned
serra : he made

Filling Out Forms in Amharic

Last name
Ye Ayat Sim . የአያት ስም
First name
Middle name
Ye-abat Sim .የአባት ስም
Adrasha. አድራሻ
ye twlid zemen የትውልድ ዘመን
ferma .ፌርማ
Residency card
Ymenoria Metawekia የመኖሪያ መታወቂያ
Amet. ዓመት
Application Form
ma-meqecha ማመልከቻ
Teqilala/Dimir ድምር

Introducing Yourself in Amharic

Lesson One

Name :Sim (ስም)

My Name : Sime (ስሜ)

You (Polite) : Iriso / Isswo (እርሶ)

Yours(Polite) : yersiwo(የእርሶ)

How about yours : Yersiwoss (የእርሶስ)

Hello my name is Pitt . What is yours?

Tena-yistillin Sime Pitt Naew .yersiwoss ? (ጤና ይስጥልኝ! ስሜ ፒት ይባላል ::)
Expressing Nationality
Ethiopia : ityopiya [ ኢትዮጵያ ]

Ethiopin : ityopiyawi(ኢትዮጵያዊ)

You are ( Polite ) : Newot (ነዎት)
Pitt . Are you Ethiopian ?
Pitt , ityopiyawi newot ? (ፒት : ኢትዮጵያዊ :ነዎት ? )

American :Amerikawi (አሜሪካዊ)

I am : Negn (ነኝ)

But : Negergen (ነገር ግን)

Mr : Ato (አቶ)

Ethiopians : ityopiyawian (ኢትዮጵያዊያን)
They are - nachew (ናቸው)

I am Canadian but Mr. Tessema and Mr.Tadesse are Ethiopians

Amerikawi Negn negergen ato Tessema ena ato Tadesse ityopiyawian nachew.
አሜሪካዊ ነኝ ነገር ግን አቶ ተሰማ እና አቶ ታደሰ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ናቸው ::
When - Meche (መቼ)

You come (polite) - Met'u(መጡ)

When Did you come ?
Meche met'u ? መቼ መጡ ?
Yesterday : Tinant (ትላንት)

I came : Met'ahu (መጣሁ)

Tinant Met'ahu .ትላንት መጣሁ
How Much , How many : sint (ስንት)

Hour , O'clock, watch , Clock : saat (ሰዓት)
What time is it,please ?

Ibako sint saat naew ? (እባክዎ ሰዓት ስንት ነው ?)
Its three O'clock.

Sost Saat Naew ( ሶስት ሰዓት ነው ::)
Thank You ( May GoD Provide) .

Igziyahbher yistillignn (እግዚአብሄር ይስጥልኝ)
Class Room Expressions

Book : Mesihaf (መፅሐፍ)

Books : Metshaffoch(መፅሐፍዎች)

Your Books : Metshafocche (መፅሐፍዎችህ / መፅሐፍዎችሽ )

Your books ( Direct Object of a verb : Metshafocchun) (መፅሐፍዎችህ-M / መፅሐፍዎችሽ-F )

Open : Kifetu (ከፈቱ)

Open your Books : Metshafocchun kifetu(መፅሐፍዎቹን ክፈቱ )
Together - Abirachu (አብራችሁ)

Say - Belu (በሉ)

Say together - Aberachu belu (አብራችሁ በሉ)

Now - Ahun(አሁን)

Close - Zigu(ዝጉ)
Now, close your books .
Ahun , metshafachun Zigu . አሁን መፅሐፍዎቹን ዝጉ::
Structure sentences :

Personal endings of the verb 'be' :

I : ine (እኔ)
I am an American : ine amerikawi negn.(እኔ አሜሪካዊ ነኝ )

Are you ethiopian ? : ityopiyawi neh ?(ኢትዮጵያዊ ነህ?)
You (fem. Singular ) : Anchi (አንቺ)

Pretty : Konjo (ቆንጆ)

You are pretty (F) : Anchi Konjo Nesh (አንቺ ቆንጆ ነሽ )

Intelligent , sensible : Asteway (አስተዋይ)

You (polite) are intelligent : Asteway Newot(አስተዋይ ነዎት)

This :Yih (ይህ)

person , man : Sew(ሰው)

Who ?: man? (ማን ?)

Who is this man ? : Yih Sew man new ? (ይህ ሰው ማን ነው ?)

Woman, Female : set (ሴት)

She's a good Woman : Tiru Sew nat / Tiru sew nachew (Polite) : ጥሩ ሰው ናት / ጥሩ ሰው ናቸው ::

Student : Temari (ተማሪ)

Students :Temariwoch (ተማሪዎች)

We are students : Temariwoch nen .(ተማሪዎች ነን)

Teacher : Astemari (አስተማሪ)

Teachers : Astemariwoch (አስተማሪዎች)

Are you teachers ?

Astemariwoch Nachu ?

Bad :Met'fo (መጥፎ)

They are bad : Met'fo nachew (መጥፎ ናችው)
he or she ( Polite ) : irsachew (እርሳችው)

Big : T'iliq(ትልቅ)

He or she (Polite) is big .

Irsacchew Tilik Nachew.

Important Class Room Experssions in Amharic

English Amharic
Sit Down
Class Begins
Timirt Yijemiral
ትምህርት ይጀመራል
Don't read
I can't hear you
You are late
Arfide-hal(M) |Arfide-shal(F)
አርፍደሻል | አርፈደሃል
Listen to the sentence
Arefte negerun adam-'t(M ) | Arefte negerun adam-Chi (F)
አረፍተ ነገሩን አድምጥ | አረፍተ ነገሩን አድምጭ
Speak Louder
Choke Bal(M) | Choke Bey(F)
ጮህ በል | ጮህ በይ
What does word mean?
Qalu min malet Naew ?
ቃሉ ምን ማለት ነው ?
Tell your name
sim-hin Tenager(M) simshinTenageri(F)
ስምህን ተናግር | ስምሽን ተናገሪ
I don't know
Answer in Amharic
ba Amarigna Meliis(M)
ba Amarigna Melshi (F)
በአማርኛ መልስ | በ አማርኛ መልሺ
Repeat together
Aberachu Melesu
አብራችህ መልሱ
Repeat after me
Ke ene behuala Melesu
ከ እኔ በሁዋላ መልሱ
How do you say "Hello" in Amharic
"Hello" ba Amarigna endet Naew ?
ሀሎ በ አማርኛ እንዴት ነው ?
I underastand well
Betam Gebtognal
በጣም ገብቶኛል
What is your name ?
Simhee manew?(M)
Simish manew?(F)
ስምህ ማነው ?
ስምሽ ማነው ?
My name is xxxx
Sime xxxx Naew
ስሜ xxxx ነው
Repeat the Question
T'iyaqew Yidegem
ጥያቄው ይደግም
Where is your Book?
Metshaf-ihe yet ale (M)?
Metshaf-ish yet ale (F)?
መፅሐፍህ የት አለ? |መፅሐፍሽ የት አለ?
Open the Door
Berun kifet(M) | Berun kifech (F)
በሩን ክፈት | በሩን ክፈች
Class is over
Timhirt aleqe
ትምህርት አልቀ